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Our Style Guide for the Boho Bride

Our Style Guide for the Boho Bride

It's almost springtime and you know what that means... peak wedding season is fast approaching! For most states across the U.S., peak wedding season is typically late spring through early fall, and it'll be here before you know it.

If you haven't decided on your wedding jewelry yet, you might want to continue reading for a peek at my favorite boho jewelry pairings. (I'm seriously obsessed.)

bohemian bride

Classic Bride with a Boho Twist

Reese Freshwater Pearl Earrings + Scarlett Drop Necklace

This first pairing is perfect for the classic bride who's looking to add a touch of boho to her look. Both pieces feature a stunning cubic zirconia fan-shaped charm and a rose quartz stone. Rose quartz is a symbol of love and beauty, making it the perfect gemstone to wear on your wedding day.

Our Reese Freshwater Pearl Earrings also feature a genuine freshwater pearl. These earrings are bold and are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

close up of a bride wearing dangling pearl earrings

Pair them with our dainty Scarlett Drop Necklace for an elegant bohemian look.

close up of a bride wearing a rose quartz y necklace

Moonstone Lover

Aurora Moonstone Drops + Skye Moonstone Necklace

Both pieces in this next pairing feature a beautiful rainbow moonstone and cubic zirconia accents. Moonstone is the symbol of new beginnings and is said to promote fertility, which makes it a great gemstone to wear as you embark on the next exciting chapter in your life.

Our Aurora Moonstone Drops are an absolute showstopper and are the epitome of the classic bohemian bride.

a bride wearing moonstone hoop earrings

Pair them with a simple accent piece like our delicate Skye Moonstone Necklace.

close up of a bride wearing a moonstone necklace

Celestial Dreamer

Aylin Crescent Drop Earrings + Moon and Star Y Necklace

This next pairing is for the star gazers, the moon lovers, and the celestial dreamers. Both pieces feature cubic zirconia encrusted crescent moon and star-shaped charms that shine bright like the night sky. Perfect for the bride who's looking for something unique to wear on her wedding day.

Our Aylin Crescent Drop Earrings also feature a champagne-hued glass stone and were designed with the galaxy-loving bride in mind.

bride wearing crescent moon drop earringsPair them with our one-of-a-kind Moon and Star Y Necklace to complete your subtle celestial look.

bride wearing crescent moon y necklaceSimple, Yet Elegant

Eloise Ear Jackets + Willow Leaf Bracelet

Our final pairing is for the bride who wants an understated look for her wedding day. Something simple, yet elegant. Both pieces in this pairing feature different cubic zirconia encrusted leaf-shaped charms that pair so well together.

Our Eloise Ear Jackets are minimalist and feminine. Perfect for the nature-loving bohemian bride.

a bride wearing leaf-shaped earringsPair them with our Willow Leaf Bracelet for an understated and chic wedding day look.

bride wearing leaf bracelet

Bonus Pairings: Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party

Serafina Opal Hoops + Ophelia Opal Necklace

Pair our Serafina Opal Hoops and Ophelia Opal Necklace for a cute eclectic look perfect for your bachelorette party.

bride wearing opal hoop earringsbride wearing opal necklace

Keira Star Hoops + Keira Star Necklace + Astra Ring

Our Keira Star Hoops and Keira Star Necklace are simply made for each other. Pair it with our new Astra Ring for an elegant rehearsal dinner look.

close up of bride wearing hoop earrings

bride wearing a star necklace

opal ring on a marble slab surrounded by flowers

Whatever pieces you choose, I just know you'll be absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@wanderandlustjewelry) wearing your Wander and Lust bridal jewelry so I can see your wedding day look!

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